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Title:  Colours & Characters of China
Binding:  Hardcover
Author:  Lorette E.Roberts
Publisher: Lorette E.Roberts
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9889732874
ISBN-13: 9789889732875

Product Dimensions: 

Category(ies) :  Art, Architecture & Photography
Shipping weights: 
Price: RMB300.00
Reading level : 

"Colours and Characters of China" is just that ...glimpse of China seen by U.K.artist, Lorette E.Roberts during her many visits. This book has been extended, modified and now has more pages and many new illustrations.

She creates a spectrum from "colours"...of the ancient terracotta warriors, gilded temples, places, evocative scenery, eclectic architecture and vivid hues of modern China; to "Characters"...which are the people and language of China. Whether exploring the old streets of Shanghai and Macau, joining calligraphers practising their art in a park or watching an opera singer apply his grwase paint, Lorette enjoys the company of her chance encounters and captures their personalities in her sketches.

Often light-hearted and always appositem her sketches and watercolours remind one immediately of travel in China. For instance, the huge vistas of the forbidden city and the great wall are unforgettable. So, too, are the three gorges dam, Shanghai's Maglev and Beijing's new buildings which are great examples of modern day engneering. Then, there is beauty observed in places such as Suzhou, Guilin, Yellow Mountain...and many more.

Even a lifetime of sketches could not record everything magical about china but Lorette has captured much in her own unique style.


Publisher Comments

About the Author
Lorette E. Roberts is an artist, illustrator and publisher who is currently based in Suffolk, U.K. and working in her studio, converted from Victorian farm buildings into a large multi-functional  art-space overlooking a walled garden and moat beyond. Her extensive travels, combined with her love of painting, a fascination with day to day objects (all recorded in her tattered sketchbooks) have created a melting pot from which her ideas naturally arise. Best known for her books featuring her eclectic sketches and penciled comments about daily life in countries visited, she also runs workshops, accepts private and corporate commissions, and produces cards, prints and a Hong Kong Calendareach year.  And the snail featured in all her work? Well that is a long story!!

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