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Upcoming Event on Parsley & Coriander
WHEN: April.20th,7PM WHERE:Gardenbooks(Changle Road No.325) KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Antonella Moretti , the author of Parsley & Coriander. ABOUT THE BOOK:It is a novel about love,friendship,and brave choices.The story of special woman. Free entry,drink purchase required
Book Club Meeting and Author Q&A :Rob......
On Dec.10th ,We had a book club meeting at Gardenbooks.The auther of Street of Eternal Happiness Rob Schmitz, shared his thoughts with readers. Street of Eternal Happiness is available at my bookstore . You can stop by my store anytime.
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RAS Salon:China's Private Army - Protecting......
RAS Salon China's Private Army : Protecting the New Silk Road Dr.Alesssandro Arduino Date:7-9pm,Thurday,July 19,2018. Adress: Gardenbooks store, 325 Changle road , 长乐路325号。
RAS SALON-Book Talk:How Gentrification......
RAS Salon:How Gentrification Shapes Historic Preservation in Urban Shanghai Friday, 22nd June 20187:00 pm - 9:00 pm Garden Books; 325 Changle Lu near Shan’anxi South Road 长乐路325号,......
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Talking Dictionary


l         The TRANSLATOR translates 10 languages containing 200,000 words and 23,000 useful phrases.
l         10 languages user interface.
l         SPEAK all 10 languages with HUMAN VOICE. Real human voices are spoken and censored by the native linguist. With massive storage space of speech, the sound quality is with clear accent and intonation through dynamic inbuilt speaker or optional earphone.
l         23,000 COMMERCIAL PHRASES are specially designed for business people and travelers, including categories of Business Payment Terms, Letter of Credit, Delivery Documents; Gastronomy including Chinese dishes, French Dishes, Thai Dishes; and Medicine name etc.
l         Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Thai are with both real characters plus English Roman phonetic. It helps you to follow the voice with the guide of phonetic.
l         32K DATABANK stores and retrieves names, telephone numbers and memos. Any one of the 10 languages can use their own language to store and retrieves data.
l         12digits CALCULATOE can do memory and percent calculations as well as standard arithmetic operation.
l         WORLD TIME shows the date and time of any one of 200 major cities in the world.
l         LOCAL TIME CLOCK specifics your local date and time. ALARM you when you set up your alarm clock. Alternative American or British date format, 12-hour or 24-hour format and Summer daylight saving time.
l         Thousands year of CALENDAR.
l         CURRENCY CONVERSION functions as a currency converter for 8 denominations of your choices.
l         METRIC CONVERSION converts automatically 8 different types of measurements.
l         PERSONAL PASSWORD allows you to lock your databank memory.
l         Use 2 AAA size +1CR2032 batteries. AUTOMATIC POWER OFF conserves battery power allows you a choice by turning off the translator from 1 to 15 minutes.
l         High-quality soft case.
l         Contains Comet Dictionary total 340,000 translation plus 2,300 useful phrases. Inter-translation for 3 languages.
l         American Heritage English Dictionary.
l         Speak 3 languages with human voice by native linguist. Chinese is with both Mandarian &Cantonese voice.
l         English is with Pronunciation, Parts of Speech, English Dictionary, Synonym, antonym and Inflections.
l         Chinese is display with both Traditional and Simplify characters, plus Roman phonetic.
l         Interface of 3 languages.
l         Big LCD of 120*240 dots.
l         12 digits Calculator and Sientific Calculator, Unit and Currency Conversion.
l         Other information e.g. International size of Clothes/Shoes.
l         200 cities World Time Clock, Local time and Alarm, Calendar.
l         Flash memory for personal password.
l         2*AAA batteries.
l         High-quality soft case.
l         15 dictionaries contain total over 1.4 million translations.
l         Speak all headwords and translations for 3 languages of English, French, and Chinese with human voice by native linguist; Chinese speak both with Mandarin & Cantonese.
l         Chinese inputs and displays with both Traditional and Simplified characters.
l         Cross search; diplayed with Pronunciation, Parts of Speech, Synonym and Antonym; Inflective Forms for French and English including Adjective, Noun and tense of Verb.
l         Intellectual word matching for Chinese input.
l         5 Chinese input methods: Pinyin, Wubi, Cangjie, Zhuyin and CKC.
l         Prompt message of English, French or Chinese.
l         12 digits Scientific Calculator, Unit and Currency Conversion. International Size of Clothes &Shoes.
l         360 cities World Time Clock and Alarm, Calendar.
l         Flash memory to store personal data.
l         6 games of intelligence.
l         Inter translation contains total 240,000 input words and 27,600 useful sentences.
l         SPEAK all 12 languages with HUMAN VOICE.
l         27,600 Commercial phrases are specially designed for business people, including cafegories of Business Payment Terms and Shipping Documents, also a professional menu database including dishes of different countries, name of food and dessert, wine, Entertainment contains Karaoke, Disco, Sauna, Casino, Human life contains Festival, Zodiac, Music, Sports Contains Golf etc.
l         Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Korrean are with both real characters plus English Roman phonetic. It helps you to follow the voice with the guide of phonetic,.
l         16 seconds digital VOICE RECORDER.
l         World Time +12 digits Calculator.
l         Currency & Metric conversion.
l         Use 2*AAA battery. Auto power off.



More clear price list ,pls send a eamil to to get. Thanks.